ASIA/SINGAPORE - Archdiocese is again offering services during the lunch break

Thursday, 9 June 2022 mass   eucharist   work  

Singapore (Agenzia Fides) - The Archdiocese of Singapore, at the request of many Catholic workers in offices, law firms, commercial companies, shipping companies and other sectors where there are Christian workers, is again offering Holy Masses during the lunch break. The initiative was launched by the Catholic Prayer Society (CPS), which wants to offer Catholics working in the city-state the opportunity to attend a 30-45 minute Eucharistic celebration during their lunch break. The idea has been very successful: in many places such as the Raffles Center, the Suntec Convention Center, the Hyatt Hotel, the Medical Alumni Association Building on the SGH Outram campus, and the Changi Business Park, the mass welcomes many faithful and also to curious people or people interested in the Catholic faith.
Archbishop William Goh, who was recently made a cardinal by Pope Francis, also welcomed the initiative and encouraged Catholics to attend the Holy Masses. He thanked Catholics for their return to the Churches and invited all to return more to both the sacramental reception of the Eucharist and to coming together as a community and experiencing the presence of Jesus in the community.
During the pandemic, the initiative of the Eucharist at lunchtime was suspended and only after the relaxation of the preventive measures, the celebrations started again. Father Terence Pereira, spiritual director of the initiative, says that "for the faithful, fatigue or fear should not be an obstacle to the daily celebration of the Eucharist, as this is a source of grace and spiritual strength". "The celebration of the Eucharist is a comfort to people burdened by the toil of work", the priest told Fides, "and when experienced in an atmosphere of prayer and serenity, it is like being in an oasis, in a time far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life". Around 360,000 Catholics live in Singapore out of a total population of 5.45 million. (SD/PA) (Agenzia Fides, 9/6/2022)