AMERICA/EL SALVADOR - The Bishops in solidarity with the Church of Nicaragua, "concerned about the social and political situation"

Tuesday, 7 June 2022

San Salvador (Agenzia Fides) - "The Bishops of El Salvador raise our voices today to express our solidarity with the bishops, priests, men and women religious and laity in Nicaragua: we are concerned above all for the safety of the pastors". This is what the Episcopal Conference of El Salvador writes in a message of solidarity to the Catholic Church of Nicaragua published on June 5, the day of Pentecost. In particular, the Bishops express their concern for the safety of Monsignor Rolando Álvares, Bishop of Matagalpa and Apostolic Administrator of Estelí, and for the priest Harving Padilla, parish priest of San Juan Bautista in the city of Masaya (see Fides 23,24,30/5/2022). "We regret the social and political situation that the sister Republic of Nicaragua is going through - the message continues - and we share the pain of that noble, hard-working and long-suffering people who vehemently aspire in a climate of full respect for their fundamental rights." The Church of El Salvador joins its prayers to the Church of Nicaragua, say the Salvadoran bishops, "asking God for peace, understanding, tolerance and dialogue." On the solemnity of Pentecost they invoke the Holy Spirit "so that unity and harmony may soon be a reality in this beloved country." Finally, they hope that "the Divine Savior of the World, through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin and Saint Oscar Romero, protects and blesses all Nicaraguans, granting them, through dialogue and the collaboration of all, the long-awaited social peace in Nicaragua". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 7/6/2022)