Monday, 20 October 2003

Seoul (Fides Service) – “Proclaiming the Gospel: a joy par excellence” is the title of a Pastoral letter issued by Bishop Zen of Hong Kong for World Mission Sunday, which this year marks the beginning of a Diocesan Year of Evangelisation. The initiative was announced during the solemn Mission Sunday Mass in the city sports stadium attended by more than 20,000 people.
In his Letter Bishop Zen calls Catholics in Hong Kong to be more missionary. He explains that aware of the urgent need for mission the local Church decided to organise a Year of Evangelisation.
In recent years missionary needs have grown and to meet the new challenges calling for evangelisation Hong Kong diocese calls for responsibility and greater commitment from each and every Catholic to make known God’s love for all men and women.
Bishop Zen speaks to his people as a father to his children: “The Holy Father has given us a precious gift for Mission Sunday this year. Some excellent examples of missionary spirit – two founders of missionary institutes and a priest who lived and died for mission in China – were canonised by the Church. And the Pope also beatified the Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa. (…). This year the first missionary of our own diocese went on mission. On our behalf, he is on mission in Tanzania. (…) Every time I admire our city from the hill tops or see the city lights from the terrace of the Diocesan Centre, it comes spontaneous to say to God: <Lord you have entrusted me with such a large family, what must I do? > I seem to hear the Lord’ reply: <Joseph, do you love me? Then feed my lambs, feed my sheep!> My brothers and sisters don’t you also hear his call?” (Fides Service 20/10/2003 EM lines 31 Words: 316)

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