AMERICA/ARGENTINA - Catholics must promote “a new culture of respect for the human person in every dimension": 1st Congress on Evangelisation of Culture

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Buenos Aires (Agenzia Fides) - In the Conclusions drafted at the end of the 1st Conference of the Evangelisation of Culture the participants declare “We feel called by the Pope and our bishops to live the faith in public life and to promote the human person, justice and truth. We believe that the central object of our united action and thought in civil society and politics must be to promote authentic humanism". The Conference organised by the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, 3-5 November reflected on the theme “Catholics in civil society and politics”(see Fides 30/10/2006).
“More committed presence of Catholics in public life must stem from faith in Jesus Christ” the participants affirm. The best contribution Catholics can make “in times when the destiny of humanity often becomes irrelevant , is to promote a new culture of respect for the human person in every dimension". Faced with a culture which tends to dehumanise “Catholics cannot remain mute or indifferent”. Once again “we must reaffirm our option, our passion for the human person, especially the poor, the weak and the suffering with special attention for new forms of poverty". The Conference also reflected on the family and agreed on the necessity “to intensify efforts to support the family that it may continue to be, in keeping with God’s plan, ‘the sanctuary of life.”
Expressing concern that the de-humanisation of culture leads to dehumanisation of politics and the "manipulation or elimination of persons", the Conference participants vowed "to build authentic Christian culture not only at the intellectual level, but above all in practical living proposing new forms of thought, life and service focussed on the dignity of the human person". The Church and every individual Christian has in the evangelisation of culture a privileged area of activity. “We take on the challenge to cooperate to promote all round education of the human person, to rethink with creativity the formation of new leaders to promote Christian humanism. We believe that social, educational and cultural inclusion of our brothers and sisters is one of greatest challenges for Catholics in public life". The participants conclude, invoking the fire of the Holy Spirit to "illuminate our minds and reawaken in us the desire to contemplate you, fill us with love for others, above all for the afflicted, and with ardour to announce you in this new century ". (RG) (Agenzia Fides 7/11/2006; righe 31, parole 436)