ASIA/PAKISTAN - In view of Mission Sunday 2006 lay Catholics attend apostolate formation Course promoted by Pontifical Mission Societies Pakistan

Monday, 2 October 2006

Karachi (Agenzia Fides) - Prepare lay Catholics for works of apostolate, reflect on the laity’s role, tasks and place in the Church, discuss problems and identify remedies in society of the third millennium: these were some of the aims of a Lay Apostolate Formation Course promoted by the Pontifical Mission Societies in Pakistan and held in Karachi. Chief organiser was National Director of the PMS Fr. Mario Rodriguez, and speakers included Archbishop Evarist Pinto of Karachi and Fr. Arthur Charles, director of Karachi Catechist Centre. On receiving the diploma at the end of the Course the group of 35 lay Catholics of Karachi archdiocese expressed appreciation for the opportunity to learn more about the demands of evangelisation in the diocese, suggesting that the experience could be extended to the whole country.
The teachers told the laity that their task comes from the very words of Christ to his disciples “go out into the whole world to preach the Good News” (Mk 16,15). Study subjects included theological and pastoral aspects of the lay apostolate but also questions of how to promote justice and peace, respect for human rights, rights of ethnic and religious minorities, pluralism and tolerance, laws which tend to penalise minorities.
The participants said now they felt ready to celebrate Mission Sunday on 22 October helping to lead initiatives of catechesis, awareness building, evangelisation, charity work.
The national PMS office was pleased with the Course. PMS activity in the missionary month of October will consist mainly of mission animation in parishes, church movements and associations and among school children as well as special collections in support of missionary work and prayers to entrust to the Blessed Virgin Mary the mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in Pakistan. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 2/10/2006 righe 27 parole 274)