AMERICA/GUATEMALA - “For the Church there must be no walls and frontiers for migrants, only bridges to unite peoples”: Catholic Bishops condemn xenophobia and discrimination

Saturday, 16 September 2006

Guatemala (Agenzia Fides) - “A major pastoral concern today is the increase in human mobility due to social-economic and political situations and great injustices in countries where migratory waves start”. This is part of a statement on Human Mobility issued by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Guatemala signed by the head of the Bishops’ Commission for Human Mobility Bishop Rodolfo Bobadilla Mata of the diocese of Huehuetenango, on the occasion National Emigrant Day, celebrated the first Sunday of September. The Bishops say not enough is done to deal with the problems raised by migration and to tackle xenophobia and discriminatory laws.
“Governments do little to protect the human rights of migrants - the statement says -. This lack of coherence increases the risk and danger for people on the move". The Bishops also voice concern for the serious evil of human trafficking often connected with migratory phenomenon . "The Church sees this world of suffering and violence with the eyes of Jesus and is deeply moved to see the multitudes wandering like sheep without a shepherd".
They affirm that the only way to alleviate the suffering of migrants "is solidarity and communion of heart". "In the heart of the Church no one is a stranger " they affirm stressing the need to guarantee more justice and truth and to build paths of solidarity with those who are marginalised and excluded. " For the Church there must be no walls and frontiers for migrants only bridges to unite people ". (RG) (Agenzia Fides 16/9/2006; righe 21, parole 291)