AFRICA/LIBERIA - Election year 2023: On the sidelines of the election campaign, missionaries work in silence

Monday, 10 January 2022


Foya (Agenzia Fides) - "In the new year, politicians expect to win the next elections, but the poor of Foya are waiting for better living conditions", writes to Fides Fr. Lorenzo Snider, a missionary in the small town in northwestern Liberia.
"This 2022 in Liberia will be a great electoral campaign in which President George Weah will play all the cards to be reconfirmed for a second term in charge of the country. In our district of Foya, on the border with Sierra Leone and Guinea - adds Fr Lorenzo - one of the most important matches will be played: the support of the Kissi, the ethnic group of the main opponent in these elections Joseph Buakay and deputy of former President Ellen Sirelaf Johnson".
Fr. Snider explains that the election campaign in Foya, like in the rest of the country, had already started last year. "After the mid-term elections, the gifts to the traditional chiefs, donations to the churches, promises of better roads, photovoltaic streetlights planted in all the towns and a great movement of vehicles and money began".
"The dusty streets of this station, used to motorcycle taxis, rickety vans that transport products from the market and some NGO cars, will be occupied for a few days by the marches of senators and members of parliament. The market is primarily talking about them, their promises and their power, and what they can actually do. In this context, missionaries continue to work with discretion, with the people and for the people. Thanks to the commitment of catechists and "simple Christians", our communities grow little by little, both in numbers and in their commitment. More and more children and young people are interested in our Catholic Children's Organization CCO and are joining it".
In the meantime, the many children and young people who have not yet gone to school have the legitimate hope that this will change soon. "A few days ago we finally inaugurated the school in Ngesso Pio Kongor, and in Foya we are continuing to work on building the kindergarten and high school. We should be ready by the start of the rainy season and we have already opened the first high school this year" the missionary concluded. (LS/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 10/1/2022)