AFRICA/ESWATINI - The solidarity of Catholic women towards the refugees welcomed in the camp of Malindza

Monday, 28 September 2020 refugees   women   solidarity   local churches  

Mbabane (Agenzia Fides) - Your Excellency, Most Reverend Jose Ponce de Leon, Bishop of Manzini; Fr. Mabuza under whose jurisdiction this refugee camp falls, we thank you for guiding us in this difficult time in history, not only of the Church but of the whole world", said Ms. Doris Makhubu, President of the Eswatini Council of Catholic Women (ECCW) in delivering a donation of sanitation products to the refugee reception camp of Malindza.
"We thank Caritas for coordinating this meeting today. We also thank the Government Refugee Commission for allowing us to lend a hand in providing for the basic hygienic needs of our brothers and sisters", said Ms. Makhubu.
In past years, the physical presence of Catholic women at the refugee camp of Malindza has given refugees hope and the Bishop celebrated Mass, but the coronavirus has put an end to all this.
This year's refugee theme is "Imagine": when things seem blocked, when the old ways of doing things no longer work, this is what we have to do, imagine. In the Covid-19 era, the call to imagine seems more important than ever, imagine and you obtain hope.
"As women of faith, we are happy to have worked successfully despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus and to have put together the articles we have brought today. This is a conversion so that our apostolate acquires meaning and relevance and is not stopped by any situation", added the President of the Council of Catholic Women.
"We pray to our loving God to open our minds and touch our hearts so that we can help each person have the resources they need, transform our fear, anxiety and feelings of isolation into hope, so that we can experience a true conversion of the heart", concludes Ms. Makhubu
The camp of Malindza welcomes refugees from Burundi, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Somalia. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 28/9/2020)