AMERICA/UNITED STATES - Death Floyd, Cardinal Tobin: "The sin of racism can thrive without control"

Thursday, 4 June 2020 violence   bishops   solidarity   peace   rascism  


Newark (Agenzia Fides) - "The murder of George Floyd, which is simply the latest case of a black person who dies in the hands of those who have sworn to protect the community, has provoked justified anger and peaceful protest through the United States. Anger, as well as the shameful exploitation of this tragedy, has provoked unjustifiable violence in the cities of this nation. As we witness the asphyxiation of our country, many of us cry in anguish: why?": With these words, Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, Archbishop of Newark invites the community of the diocese to live "a Christian attitude towards violence" and reminds us that "we are all brothers".
"The way we respond to the question - continues the Cardinal - is crucial because then we will know what to pray for and how we will have to act. Nobody comes to Jesus with the meager request of 'wanting to be better'. We must turn to the Lord of the Universe, because the malice that we know cannot be eradicated from our efforts without help".
"Of course, tolerance for 'tribal factions' in the United States, especially in our political forum, promotes a wild jungle law. Violent rhetoric, selfishness and even brutal appropriation of religious symbols conspire to produce a malevolent miasma in which the sin of racism can thrive out of control. Our society will not make progress in facing the evil of racism without the will to leave behind the promoters of polarization", concludes the Cardinal. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 4/6/2020)