AMERICA/CUBA - Combating individualism to build the civilization of love: Caritas campaign begins

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 caritas   marginalization   local churches  

La Habana (Agenzia Fides) - "Your Father who sees in secret will repay you" (Mt 6: 6) is the Gospel verse taken as a motto by Caritas Cuba for its annual campaign which, for the second consecutive year, will be extended to four months, from June to September. The goal is to raise awareness of the many social problems that cause marginalization. "We want to arouse a reflection on the growing trend in the world and in our society towards individualism, and on the need to build a civilization of love starting from the most intimate part of the person" explains Maritza Sánchez Abillud, director of Caritas, in the note sent to Fides.
Lotteries, exhibitions and other activities will serve to educate and raise funds in the Christian communities of the eleven dioceses of the country, which will be assigned to different programs, based on the particularities and vulnerable groups of each territory. Although the economic situation of the majority of the population is not favorable, in 2018 more than 400 communities and 13 groups of different projects participated in the gathering. Their collective effort managed to collect about 295 thousand pesos in national currency, destined for the various services of the program for the elderly.
Maritza Sánchez Abillud emphasizes the commitment of diocesan Caritas, in particular of volunteers and collaborators of parishes and communities. Moreover "the support of our pastors, bishops and priests, with their letters and homilies, was fundamental not only for the material aspect, but also, and not less important, for achieving the educational aims of the Campaign".
Although Caritas Campaign has a national character, even those who do not reside in the country can also send their aid through the website of the Friends of Cáritas Cuba organization: (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 28/5/2019)