ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - Cardinal Yeom to missionary priests: "Proclaim the Good News of God"

Saturday, 23 February 2019 evangelization   missionaries   missionary animation   missio ad gentes   priests  

Seoul (Agenzia Fides) - "As Archbishop of Seoul I send you as witnesses of the love of God to places where love is really necessary. Be priests who proclaim the Good News of God": with these words Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo -jung, Archbishop of Seoul, addressed 5 priests of the Archdiocese, sending them abroad as missionaries ad gentes, during the Mass celebrated on February 22 in the cathedral of Myeongong in Seoul. As Agenzia Fides learns from the Communications Office of the Archdiocese, there were auxiliary bishops, priests, religious and numerous lay members of the community of Seoul at the holy mass for the celebration of the "missionary mandate". The five missionary priests ad gentes will go to various countries such as Mexico, Japan, Spain and the United States to respond to God's call to be missionaries of God and to follow Jesus' teaching: "Go and proclaim the Kingdom of God" (Lk 9:60) .
The Cardinal added: "When you are in the new environment, do not forget to ask for God’s consolation, just like children who are comforted in the arms of their mothers. Above all, please cherish the precious experience of meeting God in different cultural contexts and share them with the Korean Church and the faithful when you return".
Mgr. Timothy Yu Gyoung-chon, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Seoul told the priests: "It will not be easy to bring the Gospel to the place where you are sent because of various difficulties, including language barriers. However, I ask you to love the people you meet with the love of the apostles. If you do your best to nurture mutual love, people will be moved to share their lives with you, and time will give you joy and gratitude".
The Archdiocese of Seoul in Korea, a small country in Asia where the Gospel was proclaimed for the first time 235 years ago, has become a Church that knows how to give and that is open to the mission. Beginning with the first missionary priest sent to France in 1989, the Archdiocese of Seoul has sent 58 priests to 21 nations as missionaries ad gentes. (PA) (Agenzia Fides, 23/2/2019)