ASIA/INDIA - Young people of all religions against religious fundamentalism

Friday, 19 February 2016 religious fundamentalism   intollerance   religious minorities   dialogue   youth  

Mumbai (Agenzia Fides) - "Unity in diversity" and "condemnation of all religious extremism". These are the themes that characterized the recent meeting of more than 500 young people of different religions, gathered in Mumbai for a meeting on the theme "Religious fundamentalism: a threat to humanity and creation", organized by the Daughters of St. Paul in collaboration with other institutions and schools, not only Christian.
As reported to Fides, what was highlighted during the annual interfaith meeting was the fact that "youth is the key to celebrate and promote unity in diversity and build peace and justice". The forum was intended to be a "platform to learn from each other, in a fruitful exchange of religious traditions, values, ideas and experiences". All to "build a better India, a better world".
Sister Ananda Amritmahal, Headmistress at Sophia College, explained the point of view of religious fundamentalism and its impact on society due to "a faith which is lived without reason". She said that "all human beings are equal in the eyes of the Master/Creator, even if they use different methods to communicate with the Creator", urging respect for each other and not to feel "in competition with other religions". Young people expressed their awareness of the threat posed by religious fundamentalism today, expressing the desire to go beyond religious differences, recognizing themselves in a pluralistic, multi-cultural and multi-religious India, where to live in peaceful coexistence and harmony. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 19/02/2016)