ASIA/INDIA - Making the Eucharist central in the life of young people: national Jesus Youth International Charismatic Convention

Thursday, 6 October 2005

Bangalore (Fides Service) - Adoration, liturgical prayer, catechesis, discussion groups, theatre and musical spectacles are included in the programme for national Jesus Youth International Charismatic Convention in Bangalore 12 to 15 October.
As the Year of the Eucharist draws to its close at least 3,000 young Catholic charismatics from all over the country will reflect on how to make the Eucharist central in the life of young people and a source of mission and witness for evangelisation.
National JYI coordinator Raiju Varghese said the four day event is planned on the style of World Youth Day and that the young visitors will be hosted by local families.
Jesus Youth International, a charismatic and missionary movement aims to bring Christ to young people through channels proper to youth. Started in the 1970s in Kerala it spread across the country and beyond and now has groups in many countries of Asia, America and Europe, involving more than 30,000 young people.
JYI representatives who took part in this year’s World Youth Day in August in Cologne Germany, shared their experience with other Catholics arousing interest also among non Christians. The movement is a network of small groups which attend large gatherings now and then. The movement is Christ-centred, and aims for mission among young people in local schools and universities. Jesus Youth International promotes a life style based: personal prayer, Word of God, the Sacraments, following Christ, commitment for evangelisation, the Movement’s milestone.
(PA) (Agenzia Fides 5/10/2005 righe 28 parole 305)