AMERICA/ARGENTINA - “Day for Culture of Life and Eucharist”: reflection on the close connection between the culture of life and the Eucharist on Saturday 25 June in Buenos Aires

Thursday, 23 June 2005

Buenos Aires (Fides Service) - In the context of the Year of the Eucharist a Day of reflection on the theme of “Culture of Life and the Eucharist” will be held in Buenos Aires on Saturday 25 June. The purpose of the event, organised by the Service to Life of FUNDAR a Church movement is to encourage reflection on the close connection between culture of life and the Eucharist. In a note sent to Fides the organisers say: “Today we find ourselves amidst tensions between a culture of life and a culture of death, faced with positions not in keeping with the Gospel. As Christians we are called to announce, celebrate and serve the Gospel of Life starting from a Eucharistic attitude which means becoming ever more like Jesus who so loved the world as to give his life to for it”. The Day will include round table discussions on the following themes: Jesus the Eucharist and the Gospel of Life (Fr. Rubén Revello); “Mary, Woman of the Eucharist , Model for the culture of life” (July Mouriño); “Bio-ethics in the light of the Eucharist” (Sr. Elena Lugo) and “A Eucharistic Experience, source of the culture of life” (Dr. Nicolás Lafferriere). (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 23/6/2005, righe 13, parole 190)