OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - Religions must unite to defend the value of the family says Cardinal Gorge Pell Archbishop of Sydney

Monday, 6 June 2005

Sydney (Fides Service) - Protect the family as the nucleus of society, the place where life is generated and loved, the place where the new generations learn the founding values of society and the nation: this was the call Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney addressed to believers in Australia, Christians of different confessions, Jews and Muslims.
In his appeal made during the 4th International Meeting of the Children of Abraham, Cardinal Pell called on Christians, Jews and Muslims to work together to protect the family in order to guarantee a future of wellbeing for Australia which cannot be separated from the wellbeing of the family.
According to the Cardinal “the children of Abraham must work together to ensure the country a better future”. He said the gap between the rich and the poor in the future will be a division between those “who had the gift of a family to love, educate and raise them and those denied this opportunity ”.
The Cardinal recalled the positive aspects of life on the newest of the world’s continents: “Our country offers many blessings to those who believe in God such as respect for the truth, respect for the family and the dignity of the human person, religious freedom and commitment for justice. We must all work together to defend the good prerogatives and make sure we may continue to enjoy them despite hostile pressures within society or from outside”.
“With all Australians -Cardinal Pell concluded- it is our common interest to preserve and reinforce conditions which guarantee peace and harmony and the stability and prosperity of our democracy”.
(PA) (Agenzia Fides 6/6/2005 righe 27 parole 276)