Thursday, 17 July 2003

Talagante (Fides Service) – For three consecutive years Melipilla diocese in Chile has organised a successful School in Missionary Formation for young people which intends to offer above all missionary, spiritual and human formation to young people aged between 15 a 29 years, already involved in missionary communities or movements or anyway sensitive to the theme of mission. The school was started for the missionary formation of the local Church but from this year, having consolidated its formative path, it opens the door to the whole Chilean Church.
The Course is residential and lasts one week. Formation is articulated at three levels which harmonise theoretical aspects with moments of prayer, leisure, experience of missionary work (visits to families, hospitals prisons, etc.).
This year having has its objective the 2nd American Mission Congress, the School of Missionary Formation of the Diocese of Melipilla will take place from 20 to 26 July at the Technical College Santa Maria Micaela in Talagante. The themes of formation proposed to the participants are: Introduction to the Bible, Biblical Christology, Mariology, Dogmatic Christology, Ecumenism, History of the Missionary Church, Liturgy, Social Teaching of the Church, the Church and present day problems, Affectivity and sexuality, project of life. There will also be workshops for missions, liturgy, missionary animation and formation of leaders etc.
Melipilla diocese will take part in the American Mission Congress with 12 young members of the missionary pastoral youth team. In 2001 these young people entered international contest organised by the CAM 2 central committee for and official hymn for the Congress. The young Chileans of Melipilla diocese obtained third place with the hymn “Canta America”. (R.Z.) (Fides Service 17/7/2003; lines 21; words 273)