ASIA/PHILIPPINES - “Benedict XVI is a man of humility, a father who knows how to listen and he will be a trusted guide” Cardinal Ricardo Vidal Archbishop of Cebu tells Fides

Saturday, 23 April 2005

Vatican (Fides ) - “We are very happy for our new Holy Father. We have a new shepherd and we know he is the right man to lead the Church. We trust he will be our guide on our journey in this world, that he will preserve the deposit of faith and lead us on the paths indicated by the Lord” Cardinal Ricardo Vidal Archbishop Cebu told Fides.
“Benedict XVI is a man of humility, as he demonstrated when he said he described himself as a ‘humble worker in the Lord’s vineyard’, which is true. Although an eminent theologian there was never any haughtiness in the way he addressed us Cardinals over the past few days. This impressed us deeply. He is a good man attentive and concerned for each and all of us and this was obvious from the way he listened during our meetings in preparation for the Conclave. What is more when he speaks he is very clear and knows which direction the Church must take. I think these were some of the qualities which prompted the cardinals to choose him to be the Pope” the Archbishop said.
“We are certain he will help the Church in the Philippines which, in a situation of persistent tension between the government and Muslim rebels in the south, is committed to promoting national reconciliation and preventing proposed legislation against life and the family. We hope and we pray these laws will not be approved” the Cardinal told Fides. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 23/4/2005 righe 22 parole 226)