ASIA/INDONESIA - All is calm in the Moluccas but missionaries warn against possible infiltration of terrorists

Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Ambon (Fides Service) - The situation is calm in Ambon, capital of the Moluccas Islands in eastern Indonesia, apart from some minor episodes of violence in a few outlying islands. However security forces are still on the alert and there are rumours among the people because, as civil authorities and international organisations have said, the infiltration of terrorists is still a danger, local missionaries told Fides. The Moluccas, for years the scene of ethnic clashes and civil war, are still “under special observation”. The local authorities continue to collect arms from civilians. In Ambon the Christian and Muslim districts remain completely separate to avoid tension and a new outbreak of conflict. Lastly, to prevent violence and keep social peace, the Indonesian government has a contingent of special security forces stationed in Ambon.
(PA) (Agenzia Fides 22/2/2005 righe 18 parole 175)