The Pope's 2006 Missionary and General Intentions for the Apostleship of Prayer

Tuesday, 18 January 2005

For migrants: may they be recognised as persons created in the image and likeness of God and welcomed with respect and charity

For all Christians: may they grow in unity and love in order to build reconciliation and peace among all the peoples of the earth

M. For lay Catholics in mission lands: may they serve their country with ever greater commitment in every field including politics and social assistance
G. For the international Community: may it realise and fulfil its urgent duty to eliminate all forms of human trafficking

M. For Catholics in the world: may they grow in mission awareness and offer missionary work support and collaboration
G. For young people: in their search for meaning to life may they be encouraged with understanding, respect, patience and love

M. For the Church in China: may it be allowed to carry out its mission of evangelisation
in full freedom

G. For women in the world: in every country may they be respected and guaranteed equal social
and political rights

M. For those responsible for public institutions in mission countries: may they adopt laws to protect human life from conception to natural end
G. For Christians in the world: strengthened by the gifts of the Holy Spirit may they build a world of peace and justice

M. For the clergy and the laity: may they see inter-religious dialogue and inculturation of the Gospel as part of daily efforts to evangelise all peoples
G. For Christian families: may they lovingly welcome children and care for the aged

M. For ethnic and religious groups in mission lands: may they live and work peacefully side by side to build societies with respect for human and spiritual values
G. For those in prison, young people in particular: may they be helped by society to start a new life with new meaning

M. For all Christians: may they be ever more aware of their calling to be missionaries in
and out of season
G. For Christian orphans: may they receive proper care and education also in the faith

M. For the People of God in mission lands: may they realise their right and duty to keep up to date with developments in the faith and the Church
G.For media operators: may they use every means of communications with responsibility and respect


M. For the Church in the world: may the celebration of World Mission Day intensify missionary spirit and missionary cooperation
G. For all the baptised: may they grow in faith and be bold and courageous witnesses of Christ

M. For believers everywhere: may they work to remove old and new barriers to Africa’s development
G. For the world: may it be freed from the threat of terrorism

M. For missionaries: may they live their vocation to follow Jesus with joy and enthusiasm
G. For Christian leaders of nations: may they strive to imitate Christ meek and humble of heart using

From the Vatican, 31 December 2004
(Fides Service 18/1/2005)