ASIA/HOLY LAND - European and US Bishops for Co-ordination in the Holy Land present statement to Presidents of Israel and Palestinian Authority

Friday, 14 January 2005

Jerusalem ( Fides Service)- “We will work for a just peace in this Land and seek to engage our local Churches and countries in this task. The entire world has a stake in justice and peace here. Peace here is vital for world peace”. This solemn commitment was part of a statement made by Catholic bishops from Europe and North America, members of the Episcopal Coordination for the Holy Land, at the end of a meeting in Jerusalem January 13. The Bishops presented copies of the statement to the President of Israel and the President of the Palestinian authority whom they visited. In the statement the bishops confirmed the Catholic Church’s commitment to contribute towards peace in the Holy Land: “At this important moment, we seek to encourage and support all who strive for justice and so pursue peace and those practical steps that will enable the Israeli and Palestinian peoples to live in this Land with dignity, in two states, in security and equity”.
The Bishops from Europe and America underline the “importance of the Fundamental Agreement between Israel and the Holy See and the Basic Agreement between the Holy See and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation are clear to us and we urge their full enactment and implementation without delay”, and end their message confirming their solidarity and support for with Christians in the Holy Land who have a unique testimony to offer: “At this hopeful moment our prayers are with all who share this Land; Israelis and Palestinians, Christians, Jews and Muslims, that we will very soon see decisive action and courageous steps to bring an end to violence and injustice and accomplish reconciliation and a just and lasting peace in the Land we all call Holy” they concluded. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 14/1/2005 righe 26 parole 317)