ASIA/HOLY LAND - Christmas : promise of life, joy and peace for the people of Israel and Palestine . Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem issues Christmas Message

Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Jerusalem (Fides Service) - Security, wellbeing, happiness for the people of Israel and Palestine can be founded only on peace: this is the sense of a Christmas Message issued by Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Michael Sabbah.
In the message, presented in Jerusalem today, the Patriarch said: “We have seen Life and we have heard what the Lord says: ‘He announces peace for his people as long as they do not resume their life of foolishness (Ps 84/85, 9). The Christian meaning of Christmas is that the Word of God came into the world bringing life. Christmas is a promise of life, joy, dignity in the presence of God who chose our land as his home on earth ”.
The text recalls that “the wall of separation neither separates nor protects. On the contrary it increases hatred, ignorance of others and therefore hostility towards them, violence and insecurity.... (…) the wall of separation does not make boundaries safe. Only friendly hearts are safe. With friendly hearts all borders become purely symbolic and are crossed by life, joy, peace and brotherhood”.
The Patriarch underlined the important role of religious leaders who should, he said, “continue to insist on justice, human dignity, security and employment and at the same time have the duty to show people the way to peace. Because neither of these peoples is condemned to offer death to its youth. Each people has the desire and the right to see its young people live like all the other young people of the world ”. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 21/12/2004 righe 32 parole 332)