RWANDA: genocide of a people is always genocide of humanity

Tuesday, 6 April 2004

Vatican City (Fides Service) - It was April 6, 1994 when the genocide started in Rwanda: a long spiral of ferocious fighting and massacres man to man, people to people in which one million were killed and many remained mutilated. Every time an ethnic groups is suppressed man commits again Cain’s sin of hatred and deprives humanity of an essential part of its identity or DNA. The world will never be the same because every individual and every people is unique and inimitable and as in a DNA every element is indispensable for the whole and so each people is indispensable for the existence of other peoples and for the richness and variety of humanity. With this in mind we will dwell not only on Rwanda, we will look at the many genocides perpetrated by man in the past and in the present so that the memory serves to provoke not only rhetoric and dispute, but to foster serious commitment to build through dialogue, a new civilisation in which the rule of life is respect for others.