Saturday, 4 October 2008

12th General Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops
5 - 26 October 2008

From the Magisterium of the Holy Father Benedict XVI

EUROPE/ITALY - “The Bible night and day”: the Holy Father starts the integral reading of Sacred Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, RAI live broadcast.
EUROPE/POLAND - For the Synod of Bishops and the Year of St Paul: the Bible is enthroned at the Catholic School of Saint Hedvig Queen of Poland in Czestochowa
EUROPE/GERMANY - “Giving the Bible the place it deserves”: Catholic Bible Federation and the diffusion of the Bible in a process of dialogue and participation
AFRICA/SIERRA LEONE - “The faithful of Sierra Leone truly love the Word of God and their hearts are open to its message ”: a missionary's testimony
AFRICA/SOUTH AFRICA - The Catholic Bible College in Johannesburg promotes ministry of the Word of God and knowledge of the Bible
AFRICA/TANZANIA - Renewed, intensified Bible formation for all members of the Church: resolutions of 7th Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Bible Federation, for the first time in Africa
ASIA/BANGLADESH - Growing Bible Apostolate and Lectio Divina for Bengali Catholics
ASIA/PHILIPPINES - The Bible fortifies families …Bible quiz game
ASIA/PAKISTAN - Year of the Bible proclaimed, in communion with the Synod of Bishops
ASIA/INDIA - New edition of the Bible and new web site on the Word of God
ASIA/INDIA - Electronic Bibles and Talking Bibles: latest technology serves evangelisation
ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - Korean Bible: landmark event, valid tool for evangelisation
ASIA/CAMBODIA - “Children's Synod”: after first Summer Camp on the Word of God 130 children of Phnom Penh Apostolic Vicariate, return to their villages, apostles of the Good News
ASIA/CHINA - Scripture, theme of annual retreat for priests in Heng Shui diocese
ASIA/CHINA - Scripture Course in Hai Men diocese, spiritual journey to Synod on the Bible
ASIA/TAIWAN - Reading Scripture like a “Journey of Faith”
ASIA/TAIWAN - Scripture offers the best answer in every circumstance of life
AMERICA/BOLIVIA - “Faith without works is dead” is the theme for Bible Month, an opportunity to enter into a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Word of God
AMERICA/PERU - “Bible Month” to begin September 13: activities include a Bible Expo, a Bible Museum, Bible seminars, youth festival, and an ecumenical celebration
OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - Bible text messages : new technology serves the Word of God