Friday, 21 November 2003

Mexico City (Fides Service) – At the end of its plenary assembly 10 to 14 November, the Bishops’ Conference of Mexico issued a message “Unbind him ad let him free” (inspired by the figure of Lazarus), in which the Bishops affirm “commitment to continue to be a beacon of light as the people expect from the Catholic Church”. “Our beloved people of Mexico which aspires to live and grow, is in constant danger of falling in confusion and fragmentation resulting from the era in which we live. The image of Lazarus who sleeps in death reminds us of many of our brothers and sisters who ask to be awakened so they may walk on the path of life” the Bishops write in their message.
The Bishops say that “the fundamental principle of the dignity of the human person pushes us urgently to respect and promote human rights; including the right to life, work, family, home, education, health, authentic communication and full religious freedom”. The Bishops warn that “a progressive loss of Gospel values in undermining the foundations of social harmony”.
“Our earthly journey – the message continues – often spread with obstacles injustice, conflict and above all disappointment, is a difficult challenge which faith calls us to transform into an opportunity for growth in spiritual strength, brotherhood and solidarity”.
The Bishops of Mexico mention “signs of life and commitment to be multiplied to have a country in which there is a state of law and in which citizens are accustomed to living in a spirit of sharing and collaboration. ”. The central point of the message consists of commitments assumed by the Bishops at the end of their assembly. We mention among these:
* Promote unity and reconciliation among our people.
* Stress the need for transparent laws in the Church-State relation respectful of religious freedom for all in keeping with human rights recognised by international conventions.
* Strengthen, starting from faith in Jesus Christ, who has conquered death and sin, the hope of the Mexican people in the face of the slow arrival of long awaited changes, not expecting the government to do everything, but working so that everyone is involved in the country’s development.
* Dialogue with leaders in society and of other religions to collaborate in the promotion of justice and peace.
* Continue to process of recognition of the rights of Indo Americans proclaiming to them the Gospel in an inculturated form fighting racism and promoting recognition of their rights and indigenous cultures.
(RZ) (Fides Service 21/11/2003 – lines 35; words 451).