AMERICA/BOLIVIA - Bishops launch digitization in the dioceses

Saturday, 8 June 2024

Pando (Agenzia Fides) - Bishop Eugenio Coter, Apostolic Vicar of Pando in northern Bolivia, wants to initiate a process of digitization and modernization in the country's dioceses.

"The introduction of special software in our parishes is a decisive step towards a more efficient and connected Church for the faithful in the digital age. It allows us to modernize our administrative processes and gives us the opportunity to offer a better service to our communities in the country," emphasizes Bishop Coter, who is also Apostolic Administrator of Reyes. "The faithful will thus be able to receive any certificate in their parishes digitally, saving time and costs".

The news was released by the Bolivian Episcopal Conference, which has decided to launch this digitization process in collaboration with the leading online program for parish management in the Catholic world, Ecclesiared, to help dioceses and parishes enter the digital age and thus take advantage of all the benefits that technology can offer them today.

"This initiative will not only help us adapt to the digital times, but will also strengthen our mission to care for, protect and preserve the rich heritage of the Church in Bolivia by creating digital copies of our parish archives. We are thus committed to a digital transition that will benefit all the faithful and collaborators of our parishes," said the Apostolic Vicar.

The digitization process will begin in the Vicariate of Pando and the Vicariate of Reyes and will then gradually expand to the dioceses of San Ignacio de Velasco, the Apostolic Vicariate of Ñuflo de Chávez and the rest of the Catholic Church in Bolivia. (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 8/6/2024)