AMERICA/CHILE - XI anniversary of the Pope's Election: Pope Francis' teachings for Chile today

Wednesday, 13 March 2024

Santiago (Agenzia Fides) - "The Pope wants to lead us to make Jesus the center of our lives and the Gospel our calling card in personal, family, social and economic life", said Archbishop of Santiago Fernando Chomalì on the occasion of the 11th. Anniversary of the election of Pope Francis.
"Today, March 13, 2024, the whole world celebrates this anniversary, and we in Santiago also pray for him and spread his rich magisterium," emphasizes the Archbishop in his message with good wishes for the Holy Father. "His teachings can help us get out of the serious spiritual crisis we are going through, which has led to a deep social and political crisis." "The Pope speaks to us of mercy, he invites us to share the goods we have at our disposal with those most in need, in the midst of so much avarice and attraction to the superfluous. He invites us, in the midst of so much arrogance and pride, to be at the service of others in the midst of the many voices seeking power. Finally, he invites us to greater spiritual depth and discernment in the midst of so much worldliness, even among believers." “Chile is experiencing an unprecedented security crisis that alarms and frightens us,” emphasizes Archbishop Chomalì. “And the Pope invites us to broaden our gaze, to see through the eyes of the poorest. I think that in Chile we need to look beyond borders and understand ourselves as a community. Francis asked himself the question of the world we will leave behind for future generations from the first moment of his inauguration. Each of us must answer this question in the light of the teachings of Peter's successor and Vicar of Christ. Universal fraternity is his great longing, care for the common home is his great project. A poor church for the poor is his great dream, the transition from an ecclesiastical and vertical culture to an ecclesiastical and horizontal culture, in which the common journey is the norm. That is why the Pope urges us to pray continually, as the first communities did, and to share with those most in need. Making the Gospel come alive in everyday life is the path that the Pope proposes for the Church, without shouting, but with sensitivity, with the heart and with great humility. We are called upon to do the same by critically examining our gestures, our words and our actions."
“The Pope calls each of us to seriously commit to a more just society and not stand still and wait, observe, criticize without doing anything. And for this reason - concludes Archbishop Chomalì - there is only one path, to know, believe, follow and imitate Jesus". (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 13/3/2024)