AMERICA/COLOMBIA - Families "promoters of human life, builders of society, custodians of the common home and active subjects of evangelization"

Wednesday, 17 May 2023 family   evangelization   local churches  

Bogota (Agenzia Fides) - "The purpose is to highlight that the family, living its vocation to be a community of life and love, is the protagonist of human life in all its dimensions. We need families to increasingly assume their irreplaceable vocation of being promoters of human life, builders of society, protectors of the common home and active subjects of evangelization". This is stated by the Department of Marriage and Family of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, speaking of the "Family Week 2023" that Colombians are experiencing from May 14 to 21.
During these days, also inspired by the International Day of the Family, convened each year by the United Nations for May 15, the Bishops invite reflection and prayer for all the families of the country, recognizing their role as main formators of Colombians willing to contribute to the construction of a better country and for Christian families, protagonists of the missionary effort.
In the 'Guide' prepared by the Department of Marriage and Family to live this Week, the teaching of Pope Francis on the family is recalled: "the family is the irreplaceable protagonist of the hope of humanity. This is also a principle of the Church's evangelizing action: considering Christian families as true subjects and protagonists of the missionary task. Therefore, this mission of the family "is not a concession that is given to it, but corresponds to its very nature, since developing its vocation and mission, it plays a main role in human, social, ecological and ecclesial events... The source of its transforming force lies in its own identity of being an intimate community of life and love, called to receive the gift of God's Love to irradiate it in different environments”.
There are four themes proposed for reflection and prayer during these days, which refer to as many realities in which families are involved:
1. The family, protagonist in the accompaniment and education of their children. 2. The family, protagonist of human fraternity with the value of solidarity; protagonist of reconciliation and peace. 3. The family, protagonist of the defense and promotion of the common good; protagonist of integral ecology. 4. The family, protagonist of the experience of faith; protagonist of missionary and pastoral action. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 17/5/2023)