AMERICA/PERU - Open letter from the bishops to the members of Congress: "Do not turn your back, listen to the cry of all the Peruvian people"

Monday, 6 February 2023 social situation   politics   episcopal conferences   human rights  

Lima (Agenzia Fides) - The Peruvian Congress has rejected a new bill to bring forward general elections to the end of this year, which also included a referendum on the creation of a Constituent Assembly. After this new rejection, the Presidency of the Peruvian Bishops' Conference issued an "Open Letter" addressed to the 130 members of the Congress of the Republic, in which it first recalls the bishops' previous pronouncements calling for dialogue, prayer and peace.
"The commitment and responsibility of every member of Congress is to practice good politics, helping to bring stability, governability and above all well-being and tranquility to the whole country", the February 3 Letter stresses, which continues: "Our brothers from all over Peru, whose representatives are in Congress, are questioning you. Have you listened to their demands? Peruvians need to be heard in their just social demands, but at the same time they need peace that allows them to continue working to survive. Do not turn your back on them and listen to the cry of all the Peruvian people".
The Letter then reiterates to members of Congress: "your decision is urgent in view of the elections" in order to safeguard democratic institutionality and create the necessary conditions for genuine dialogue to address priority political and social agendas at the local and national levels. "We are all Peru! No one must be left out!"
The bishops reiterate that "the sovereign people have the right to decide the destiny of our homeland through transparent and fair elections, to renew Executive and Legislative power." Then they recall what they said in their last message (see Fides, 23/1/2023), "We are all needed to build the homeland. Stop promoting polarization! Let's stop offending each other! No more clashes! Violence only begets violence. Let us change direction, let us achieve peace". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 6/2/2023)