AMERICA/PERU - Several religious congregations are mobilizing to intervene in favor of the populations affected by Cyclone Yaku

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Lima (Agenzia Fides) - Collapsed houses, severe flooding, flooding of several rivers, landslides and numerous problems in urban areas are some of the consequences of the passage of Cyclone Yaku in Peru between March 16 and 17. This type of phenomenon is not new in the country, but neither the political authorities nor the population were sufficiently prepared to counter the effects of the cyclone. The most affected areas are those in the north and center of the country. However, due to the constant political crisis in the country, the population has not been sufficiently sensitized or prepared in time for these natural disasters which have been occurring since October 2022. According to official sources, as of March 18, 2023, 61 deaths have been registered, 12,200 people were affected and 1,326 houses were destroyed.
Among the initiatives to support the populations of the two poor suburbs of Lima - Jicamarca (San Juan de Lurigancho) and the plateaus of Chaclacayo, affected by landslides that destroyed houses and schools, and in the cities of the northwest of Trujillo and Tumbes - Camillian missionaries are preparing to support 400 families by distributing non-perishable food for a month. “Coordination with religious congregations began on March 20 and the first distribution of relief goods will begin on March 27,” the Camillian religious said. The organization of the district and the management of its available resources will be encouraged to support relief efforts."
Purchasing non-perishable foodstuffs, strategically coordinating with partners in affected areas to make delivery efficient, supporting and supervising the delivery of foodstuffs to beneficiaries, are some of the initiatives in which religious bodies will be involved.
The activities will be carried out in collaboration with the religious communities of the Daughters of Charity, the Religious of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, which operate in Chaclacayo and Jicamarca, the Brothers of Saint Joseph of Trujillo and the community of Religious Reparatricians of Sagrado Corazon de Tumbes.
The northern and central coast of Peru had been severely hit, between December 2016 and April 2017, by the unusual phenomenon El Niño Costero (see Fides, 20/1/2018), which left around 1.4 million vistims, 159 dead, 18 missing, 469 injured, nearly 290,000 homeless and disaster victims. (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 22/3/2023)