AFRICA/EGYPT - A "starred" cooking school for the children of the "Oasis of Mercy" Home

Wednesday, 7 December 2022 youth   work   healthcare   charity  

Cairo (Agenzia Fides) - A cooking school inspired by a well-known Chef, and intended to offer qualified professional training and employment opportunities to young guests of the Oasis of Mercy in Cairo, a structure built to accommodate orphaned and abandoned children. This is the initiative presented yesterday, Tuesday, December 6, at a charity dinner organized in Rome to raise the funds needed to buy a kitchen in the same accommodation centre. The project will benefit from the creative contribution of internationally renowned chef Francesco Mazzei, who will offer his skills free of charge to promote the professional development of the young guests of the reception house.
The "Oasis of Mercy" children's home was created to offer needy children a "home" in which they can grow up in a healthy way and can be protected from all forms of violence. The shelter is connected to the Bambino Gesù Women's and Children's Hospital, a pediatric hospital infrastructure whose characteristics allow it to provide medical care to young people suffering from illnesses and, at the same time, assistance to pregnant women throughout their period of gestation. Both projects are supported by the "Bambino Gesù del Cairo Onlus" association, chaired by Father Yoannis Lahzi Gaid, former Special Secretary of Pope Francis
The kitchens that will be built in the Oasis of Mercy will allow the development of real food programs for the children welcomed and cared for in the same house and in the "Bambino Gesù" women's and children's hospital. At the same time, the same establishment will become the hub of a "cooking school" capable of offering abandoned children notions and lessons for the subsequent acquisition of professional training that can place them in the world of work with the title of chef or cook.
In this regard, an agreement was signed during the charity dinner in Rome between the "Bambino Gesù del Cairo Onlus" association and Chef Francesco Mazzei (in the photo together with Father Lahzi Gaid), which will make it possible to organize cooking classes for young people of the Home, and the staff employed in the kitchens of the Home and the women's and children's hospital in Cairo.
The construction of the kitchen in the House of Hospitality, underlines a press release from the Association "Bambino Gesù del Cairo onlus", has great value in that it recalls the sense of family". (PR) (Agenzia Fides, 7/12/2022)