AMERICA/BRAZIL - Lenten campaign "for an education that promotes universal brotherhood and integral humanism"

Friday, 4 March 2022 lent   education   episcopal conferences   pope francis  

Brasilia (Agenzia Fides) - The 2022 Fraternity Campaign (FC), launched by the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) on Ash Wednesday, has as its theme: "Fraternity and Education" and the biblical motto, inspired by the book of Proverbs (31, 26): "Speak wisely, teach with love". According to the note sent to Fides, this is the third time that the theme of education has been addressed in the Fraternity Campaign, the first was in 1982 and the second in 1998. According to the introduction to the basic text, it was "the reality of our days to highlight the theme of education, a time marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and various conflicts, distancing and polarization".
The presidency of the CNBB explains in the presentation of the basic text of the FC that it is a campaign that, rather than addressing a specific aspect of the educational problem, will reflect on the foundations of the act of educating from a Catholic-Christian point of view. In this perspective, education is understood not only as a school act, with the transmission of content or technical preparation for the world of work, but as a process that involves an extended "community" that includes all the protagonists: family , Church, State and society. The FC has as a concrete gesture the National Solidarity Collection, which takes place on Palm Sunday in communities throughout Brazil. The proceeds go to the Diocesan and National Solidarity Funds, which support social projects related to the theme of the campaign. With the collection of 2021, 80 projects were supported. FC 2022 is inspired by the Global Educational Pact, proposed by Pope Francis, who has sent a message wishing Brazilians that the Lenten season will be an opportunity for "true conversion" and that the seeds sown along this path bear fruit" in concrete actions in favor of an integral and quality education". On the theme of this year's FC, Pope Francis stresses that it is important to reflect on the relationship between "Fraternity and Education", "fundamental for the enhancement of the human being as a whole, avoiding the 'throwaway culture' - which places the most vulnerable on the margins of society - and awakening the importance of caring for creation".
"When we look at today's society, we can see very clearly the urgency of adopting transformative actions in the field of education in order to have an education that promotes universal brotherhood and integral humanism", emphasizes Pope Francis, citing the Global Educational Pact. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 4/3/2022)