AMERICA/PARAGUAY - Young people gathered in Caacupé: "We are the today of God and of the Country, today we must participate, commit ourselves and act"

Tuesday, 7 December 2021 youth   pastoral   local churches  

Caacupé (Agenzia Fides) - On Saturday, December 4, about five hundred young people from all over the country gathered in Caacupé to pray and ask for the blessing of Our Lady of Miracles, Patroness of Paraguay, in the context of the traditional pilgrimage organized by the National Youth Ministry. At the end of the Mass, Bianco Prieto, executive secretary of Youth Ministry, read a manifesto of dreams and intentions.
At the end of the day, the young people of the diocese of Concepción presented the pilgrim cross to the young people of the Episcopal Vicariate of Caninenyú. The "Manifestro 2021" aimed at Pastors and all young people, those present and those who followed the pilgrimage through the different media, presents wishes and commitments made "as young Christians and Paraguayans". "We young people of Youth Ministry, today want to be the voice of many who shared their dreams and hopes with us, and also of those who cannot make their voice heard", reads the text, therefore, "from our service to the Church, we want, dream and commit ourselves to continue working together with our Pastors" to achieve some objectives. As far as the Church is concerned, young people are committed to "a merciful, participatory and synodal Church. A Church with open doors, not only in words but concretely, so that everyone can enter when they need it and find spiritual and human support. A Church that is the voice of the indigenous, of the peasants, of the vulnerable who do not find the space in society to demand justice and equality. A prophetic Church, without fear of denouncing injustices, atrocities, inhuman actions that attack the dignity of the person".
Young people recognize that the Church is an important part of society, which teaches us to have a "compassionate, critical and objective" look at what is happening, since "we cannot close our eyes and remain indifferent in the face of painful, unjust and sign of a culture of death that we see around us". Unfortunately, violence has been consolidated in the country with attacks, murders, kidnappings, physical and psychological abuse. They therefore claim the right and what is due to them as citizens "of this country, with so many riches badly managed in many cases and sectors". In this sense, they demand better healthcare for all who need it, even without financial means. "It hurts to see so many people suffer and die". They also aspire to "free and quality education for all, with adequate infrastructures, materials and quality teaching teams, throughout the country". They ask the authorities of all levels to fulfill the service for which they were elected, without wasting time in personal matters and without resigning before the deadline; to respect the sovereignty of the country and to have Paraguay's interests at heart; to fulfill the National Constitution. "We young people are committed to working for the common good, in our places, to be the voice of those who have no voice in society. To stand by the side of the most vulnerable". "We are the today of God and of the Country, today we must participate, commit ourselves and act". They also urge not to lower our guard against society that wants to impose models of life incoherent with Faith and Life. They ask for respect "for our beliefs, our way of living the faith and freedom to practice it". Let us not forget those who are in the hands of kidnappers and are committed to working for the common home. Finally, they launch an appeal to all their peers so that "they do not allow themselves to be deceived by the false idols of this world", because the only one who can give authentic meaning to life is Jesus, "because He is alive and wants you alive, He loves you and always waits for you". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 7/12/2021)