ASIA/TAIWAN - During celebrations for the feast of Charity Parish Archbishop Cheng underlines the pastoral fruits gathered thanks to work of Comboni missionaries

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Tai Pei (Fides Service) - After five years of presence of the Comboni missionaries Charity parish in the archdiocese of Tai Pei has a Sunday School, a choir, a catechism group and a Bible group and various charity groups. Recently on the occasion of celebrations for the parish feast day Archbishop Cheng of Tai Pei presided a solemn Mass and in his homily he thanked the missionaries for their work and underlined that Charity Parish bears the name of the essence of the Christian message and mission, to spread God’s love in the world. According to Tei Pei diocesan weekly bulletin Christian Life Weekly the parish feast-day was celebrated on 12 February which coincided with the Festival of the Lantern which closes Lunar New Year celebrations. For the occasion the missionaries organised games and refreshments.
The parish is served by 4 foreign Comboni missionaries respectively from Italy, Spain, Philippines and Mexico. In these five years the enthusiasm, deep faith and vivacity of the missionaries has created a new spirit in the parish and brought the parishioners to take a more active part in parish activities. Today in fact the people play a leading role in community life. (Agenzia Fides 23/02/2006 Righe: 21 Parole: 205)