ASIA/CHINA - On the eve of the month dedicated to Saint Joseph final logistic touches to facilitate pilgrimage to Ping Yin Shan national shrine of St Joseph patron of the Church in China

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Ping Yin Shan (Fides Service) - Saint Joseph is the patron saint of the Catholic Church in China and this year devotees of St Joseph will find it easier to make the tradtional pilgrimage to the Ping Yin Shan national shrine of St Joseph in Shan Don province, eastern China. Not far away is a famous Marian shrine of Our Lady of the Peak Pilgrimage Centre. In view of the month of March, for Chinese Catholics the month of St Joseph and to make it easier for more people to make the pilgrimage, access to the shrine has been improved.
The shrine, opened 100 years ago, had been restored three times after suffering damage in natural disasters and other events. In 2002 the rector of the shrine Fr Liu and Catholic community of Shan Don province decided to build a new church. After three years of work and for a cost of 200,000 Euro a lovely new church with an area of over 200 metres was completed and consecrated in May 2005. Last year the road leading to the village and the Shrine was widened and improved and a bus service will soon start.
Chinese Catholics are deeply devoted to Saint Joseph the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and guardian of the Child Jesus. Many chapels and churches, hospitals, schools, clinics and prayer and charity groups bear his name. (Agenzia Fides 22/02/2006 Righe: 25 Parole: 289)