AMERICA/BRAZIL - Bishops and ecclesial movements: together to evangelize families

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 family   ecclesial movements   episcopal conferences  

Brasilia (Agenzia Fides) - The Episcopal Commission for Life and the Family of the Bishops’ Conference of Brazil (CNBB) and movements must "join forces" and work together from the activities point of view, of the exchange of materials and specialists, publications and training. This is the global proposal that emerged from the meeting which took place in Brasilia on March 14, convened by the Episcopal Commission for Life and the Family and by the National Commission for Family Pastoral Care which invited the representatives of the Ecclesial Movements that work with families to a day of sharing experiences, in order to increase commitment and mutual help in the evangelization of families.
The Bishop of Rio Grande and President of the Commission for Life and the Family, Mgr. Ricardo Hoepers, underlined that participation in initiatives such as Family Week, national and international Congresses and the Symposium and Pilgrimage to Aparecida will be encouraged. "These national activities can and must be lived, shared and participated by all those who work with families in Brazil", he stressed in the CNBB note sent to Fides.
The idea of the meeting was born from the observation that ecclesial movements have always collaborated in the evangelization of families. In Brazil many members of the ecclesial movements collaborate in the various systematic initiatives that Family Pastoral Care organizes and many others among them are members of the movements and also pastoral workers.
"It was a historic moment, of extreme importance – said Mgr. Hoepers -, because recalling Familiaris Consortio and, now, Amoris Laetitia, we confirm the importance of working together, in a work front that can unite all those who dedicate themselves to the reality of the family in Brazil, in light of the social, political, economic and religious weaknesses that the family has to face. Each movement has brought some of its perspective, its charisma. It was very enriching to see the dedication and organization of the movements at a national and international level".
For the Bishop, a closer relationship with the movements that work with families represents "a very great potential" and "a very fruitful work front", with the possibility of strengthening projects and perspectives around what the Church carries out for family care. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 18/3/2020)