AMERICA/PERU - Caritas meeting of the Bolivarian area

Thursday, 5 March 2020 social services   caritas   hunger   social works  

Caritas Perù

Lima (Agenzia Fides) - "The identity of Caritas is seen in our service, it is within us", said Ricardo Calle, Pastoral Councilor of Caritas Peru, on the occasion of the meeting of the Bolivarian area held from 2 to 4 March in Lima.
The meeting aimed to plan the activities of the Bolivarian area in the 2020-2024 period.
For the first day of work, the program saw the presentation and reflection of the Caritas Identity Guide, the result of a long process of reflection and work by Caritas in Latin America and the Caribbean, which began in 2010.
In his speech Fr. Jose García, director of Caritas Ecuador, stressed that it is necessary to follow Jesus' example: "pray, then preach the good news, have lunch and heal others. This is also the identity of Caritas".
During the works a video of Pope Francis was presented, while he was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires, in which he said that "Caritas is not an NGO", because its job is not only to offer assistance, but also involves human promotion and authentic liberation. This means having "friendship with the poor", bringing them closer, integrating and including them, but also assiduous prayer.
At the meeting, each representative of the different Caritas presented the political, social, economic and environmental reality of their Country.
The meeting was attended by the Executive Secretary of Caritas Latin America and the Caribbean, Fr. Francisco Hernández, Fr. Enan Xavier Humanez, Director of the Social Pastoral Care - Colombian Caritas with Rosa Inés Floriano, Marcela Rabaza, Director of Bolivian Caritas, Mgr. Julio Parrilla, president of Caritas Ecuador with its director don Jose García and father Luis Machado, president of the Episcopal Commission for Social Action and member of the board of Caritas Peru, Mgr. Jorge Izaguirre with his executive secretary, Father Enrique Gonzales . (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 5/3/2020)