OCEANIA/SAMOA - V World Apostolic Congress on Mercy: an Ocean of Love that surrounds the whole world

Saturday, 29 February 2020 jubilee of mercy   pastoral   local churches  


Apia (Agenzia Fides) - It will be a true "jubilee" of the small Catholic community of the Samoa islands, in the remote Pacific islands, which will give you the opportunity to be, for a week, the heart of the universal Church: pilgrims, faithful, priests and religious, together with bishops from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Nigeria, France, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Tonga Islands, will gather in Apia on the occasion of the 5th World Apostolic Congress on Divine Mercy. The event, called WACOM V, organized by the Archdiocese of Samoa, will take place from 10 to 15 August 2020 under the theme: 'Divine Mercy: an Ocean of Love that envelops the whole world'.
It is an international gathering of thousands of devotees of Divine Mercy who meet every three years to promote devotion to Jesus as Divine Mercy in the Catholic Church.
The event, the local Church points out to Fides, will also be a precious opportunity for evangelization and witness to faith. At the conclusion of the Congress, on August 15, a Mass will be celebrated in the seat of Parliament, during which, in addition to the announcement of the next WACOM VI, two representatives of each country will be sent as "Missionaries of the Sea" and will sail on the "fautasi" the typical Samoan boats in the port of Apia.
On the occasion of WACOM V, the archdiocese of Samoa-Apia, founded in 1850 and currently with 42,000 Catholics, has made available a website on which to register and obtain information for an event that promises to be significant for the entire Catholic community in the islands of the Pacific. (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 29/2/2020)