ASIA/LEBANON - Christian institutions and organizations are also among those opposed to the concert of the controversial rock band Mashrou’Leila

Wednesday, 24 July 2019 middle east   oriental churches   custom   music   homosexuality   occultism

Jbeil (Agenzia Fides) - The announced concert by Lebanese rock-band Mashrou ‘Leila, scheduled for August 9th at the Byblos Festival, is raising controversies that also involve authoritative members of the local Churches, together with Christian organizations. The Lebanese media report that the cancellation of the concert was requested both by the bishopric of Jbeil (Arab name of Byblos) and by the Catholic Information Center. In the controversy, interventions by political groups such as the Lebanese Forces have also been recorded in the last few hours.
The Band has made itself known in recent years for the blasphemous content of its songs and for the controversies provoked on topics such as homosexuality and the coexistence among different religious identities. Attacks have multiplied on social media against the members of the band, accused of spreading texts against the Christian faith and also of inciting perversion and occultism. While on the other side other commentators and other acronyms, such as "Proud Lebanon" (an organization that wants to affirm the rights of LGBT groups in Lebanon), deplored the attacks and threats against Mashrou 'Leila as an expression of obscurantism aimed at hitting freedom of expression. Even Farès Souhaid, president of Rassemblement Saydet el-Jabal (a cultural association founded to promote a culture of coexistence between Christians and Muslims) has expressed via Twitter its support for the band and its freedom of expression. "Those who undermine the teachings of the Church" wrote Farés Souhaid among other things "are the criminals, the corrupt and those who rob the poor and undermine the values of the country. Boycott them, if you wish".
In the past, the alleged support of Mashrou’Leila in the battles of LGBT organizations has resulted in the cancellation of the band's concerts both in Egypt and in Jordan. (GV) (Agenzia Fides, 24/7/2019)