ASIA/ARMENIA - European funds to stabilize Armenian refugees who fled from Syria

Tuesday, 26 June 2018 oriental churches   refugees   migrants   area crisis

Ereven (Agenzia Fides) - The European Union is preparing to allocate a contribution of 3 million euros to support projects for the integration and stabilization of Armenian refugees who fled from Syria who found refuge in Armenia. The financing - reported to Armenpress Hoa-Binh Adjemian, head of the cooperation section of the EU delegation present in Armenia - will focus above all on alleviating the problems faced by Armenian Syrian refugees in finding a home and a job. The subsidies - Adjemian clarified - will help those refugees to take root in Armenia, leaving behind the precarious conditions in which many of them are located, and setting aside for now any hypothesis of favoring or demanding the repatriation of Syrian refugees. A part of the contribution - added the Armenian official - will also serve to promote small business initiatives implemented by Syrian refugees. Funding for Syrian Armenian refugees in Armenia should be available by mid-July.
Currently Armenia hosts about 22 thousand Syrian Armenians expatriated since the beginning of the Syrian conflict. Already at the beginning of 2014 (see Fides 4/2/2014) the Armenian government organization Hayastan All-Armenian Fund had launched fundraising programs also in the Armenian communities of the Diaspora to be allocated to Syrian refugees, with the active involvement of the Armenian apostolic Catholicosate of Cilicia. At the same time, the Chamber of Lawyers of the Armenian Republic had also begun to offer free advice to Armenians coming from Syria, also providing useful information material to deal with the legal problems that the refugees are facing. In Syria, before the conflict, the more than 100 thousand Armenian - apostolic and Orthodox Christians - represented one of the most numerous Armenian communities in the Middle East. (GV) (Agenzia Fides, 26/6/2018)