AMERICA/PERU - The Church at the service of Venezuelan emigrants in Peru

Saturday, 23 June 2018 migrants   bishops   solidarity   democracy   social works  

Lima (Agenzia Fides) - On July 2, at the headquarters of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference (CEP), the "Information and Orientation Center for Venezuelan Migrants" will begin its activity. The initiative was presented yesterday by the President of the CEP, Mgr. Miguel Cabrejos Vidarte, and by Ambassador Cesar Enrique Bustamante Llosa, Director of the Community of Peruvians abroad and consular affairs.
During a press conference, Mgr. Cabrejos informed about the services that will be offered to help solve the problems of Venezuelan citizens who have emigrated to Peru. A social work professional and another expert in legal advice will inform Venezuelan migrants about their rights and the procedures to follow for their stay in the country. This service will be in coordination with public institutions responsible for their status as migrants.
"The Episcopal Conference wants to combine efforts to find ways to improve the living conditions of these migrant brothers, in order to help them in the transfer that they suffer because of the serious economic, political and social crisis in their country" , said Mgr. Miguel Cabrejos. The note sent to Fides by the CEP indicates that the Venezuelans living in Peru at the moment are 350 thousand, and it is estimated that this figure will soon reach half a million people, according to data from the Peruvian Foreign Ministry.
Mgr. Miguel Cabrejos stressed that the new assistance center is linked to the House of Migrants that will start operating in August and will be led by the Congregation of the Scalabrinian Fathers. In the city of Tacna (on the southern border of Peru), the House of Migrants is already operative, thanks to an agreement between the diocese of Tacna y Moquegua and the Human Mobility Department of the Episcopal Conference, which takes care of an average of 40 people in situations of social vulnerability, including Venezuelan citizens.
The institution "Encuentros", a Jesuit solidarity service, takes care of a significant number of Venezuelans in its headquarters in the district of Breña, province of Lima. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 23/06/2018)