EUROPE/ITALY - Education, health, reconstruction: the priorities of the Madian Community

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 education   healthcare   natural disasters   human rights  


Turin (Agenzia Fides) - "Education, health, disability, reconstruction: this year we focused our efforts on these four fundamental points", said to Fides Fr. Antonio Menegon, president of the "Madian Orizzonti" Onlus organization, of the Camillian religious (MI ) of the Piedmont Province. "Disability, especially in poor countries without facilities and resources, becomes one of the priorities of our presence. In particular, with regard to the aspect of disability both in Georgia and in Haiti, we are multiplying our efforts in order to be able to respond ever more and better to this challenge", continues Fr. Menegon.
The missionary says: "In Haiti, the Foyer Bethléem has tripled its places: from the reception of 30 children we have reached almost 100 children with physical and mental disabilities, from 0 to 20 years of age (see Fides 9/12/2014). In Georgia, in addition to the center of Tbilisi (see Fides 26/4/2007), we run the new "Lasha" San Camillo disable center, inaugurated on 21st July 2012, which is home to over 150 children, and an outpatient clinic, the Redemptor Hominis, which offers 400 medical care and assistance. In Khisabavra we run a kindergarten with a farm that produces milk and meat; in Shavshvebi the 'Grandmother's Little Home' assists minor refugees of the 2008 war between Georgia and South Ossezia. Currently, other centers are being set up in two different cities, in particular in Akhalcikhe, south of Georgia, with the Talita Kum Center" run in collaboration with the Order of Malta - Berlin and Sisters of St. Nino, which hosts 21 disabled people; and the 'Children of God Center', in Arali village - run in collaboration with Caritas Georgia and the parish of St. Joseph of Arali".
"With regard to the training of staff who take care of the sick and disabled and education for children, a new school is about to be inaugurated in the town of Jérémie, destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 (see Fides 11/10/2016). Fr. Massimo Miraglio in Jérémie and Maddalena Boschetti in the north of the island have helped and accompanied so many people who have lost everything. They donated homes, land, seeds, agricultural tools, work but above all trust in themselves, in their future and in that of their children. The life of so many people who have lost everything, their will to rebuild, their hope stronger than any desperation is the great strength that encourages us to continue the journey", concludes Fr. Menegon. (AM/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 12/12/2017)