AMERICA/UNITED STATES Bishops say temporary protection for immigrants from El Salvador and Honduras must be extended

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 human rights   violence   migrants   street children  

Washington (Agenzia Fides) – It is necessary to prolong the Temporary Protection Status (TPS) for immigrants from El Salvador and Honduras, in view of the Congress’ revision and the possibility of it being definitively closed. This request is contained in a report on TPS for immigrants, known as: “Basic Key for development and protection in Central America”, issued by the Office for Migration and Refugee services of the United States Catholic Bishops.
At present El Salvador and Honduras benefit from the TPS, soon to be revised by the US government for some of their citizens resident in the United States. TPS beneficiaries are estimated at 200,000 from El Salvador and another 57,000 from Honduras, mainly parents of an estimated 270,000 children U.S. citizens well integrated in US daily life.
Bishop Joe S. Vásquez, of Austin, Texas, President of the USCCB Commission on migration, presenting the report affirms: "As indicated in this present report, there is ample proof that the present TSP beneficiaries coming from Honduras and El Salvador are unable to return in conditions of security to their country of origin at present moment".
A delegation of the Bishops’ Commission in question, led by Bishop David O'Connell, Auxiliary of Los Angeles, visited Honduras and El Salvador, in August 13 - 19, to assess the capacity of those two countries to accept and integrate adequately an eventual return of the present TPS beneficiaries.
Bishop Vásquez affirms in his introduction: "While you read this report, I beg you to turn your thoughts and your prayers to the people of El Salvador and Honduras, including the TPS beneficiaries. I encourage you to request the US administration to extend the TPS El Salvador and Honduras ... and address directly elected leaders in Congress to ask them to back a legislative solution for TPS beneficiaries resident in the United States for many years ".
The 17 page report underlines the situation of danger and violent persecution to which many of these families would be exposed were they forced to return to their country of origin. In fact precisely gang violence and criminal rule in certain parts of these two countries forces many young people and families to flee seeking shelter in the United States.
Besides calling for a 18 month extension of TPS validity, the report urges the governments of El Salvador and Honduras to promote policies of acceptance and security for migrants wishing to return to their respective home country , and the United States to continue to support development policies in Central America as an effective means for preventing forced migration.
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(CE) (Agenzia Fides, 18/10/2017)