AMERICA/COLOMBIA - Priest killed in Rionegro, the second in Colombia in 2017

Wednesday, 4 October 2017 priests   missionaries   missionaries killed   violence  

Antioquia (Agenzia Fides) - Father Abelardo Antonio Muñoz Sánchez, 41 years old was killed during an attempted theft, in San Antonio neighborhood in Rionegro, on the main road leading to La Ceja.
According to information provided by Colonel Javier Morales Cárdenas, Police Deputy Commander of Antioquia, to the local press, also sent to Fides, the murder occurred at 10:50 on Tuesday, October 3, when two criminals approached the priest who was getting out of a taxi. "He was approached by two people on a scooter, who intimidated him with a gun because they wanted his wallet. After the priest refused to hand over his wallet, the criminals shot him several times causing his death", said Morales. Later, the police managed to capture the killers in La Ceja.
Don Abelardo Antonio Muñoz Sánchez of the diocese of Girardota had been a priest for 10 years and worked for 4 months at the parish of Cisneros, in the department of Antioquia. "The Diocese of Girardota invites all believers to join us in a prayer for peace and reconciliation among all. We ask the Lord to grant eternal peace and joy to our Fr. Abelardo Muñoz.
May Christ, the Risen Lord, grant us all his strength", reads the statement of the Diocese sent to Fides. The statement, signed by Mgr. Guillermo Orozco Montoya, Bishop of Girardota, also informs that the funeral will take place today, October 4, at the Cathedral of Rio Negro.
Almost one month after Pope Francis’ visit, a missionary of peace in Colombia, we hear the news of the violent death of another priest in the Latin American country. Infact on 27 July 2017, in the Parish of Raudal, at the village of Puerto Valdivia, Diomer Eliver Chavarría Pérez (see Fides 29/07/2017) was killed in the Department of Antioquia. "Sacrificed in the exercise of his mission" says the Bishop's statement, Father Diomer was 31 years old and was killed on the day of his birthday. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 04/10/2017)