Friday, 5 September 2003

São Paulo (Fides Service) – www.presbí is the name of a new web site in Portuguese offering ongoing formation for the clergy. Inaugurated recently by Father Antônio Carlos Rossi Keller of the archdiocese of São Paulo, the main aim of the web site is to complement on-going formation and spiritual enrichment of priests in the many different areas of pastoral and missionary work. P. Keller tells Fides Service that “the idea came after encountering so many difficulties in 25 years of pastoral work in a country such as Brazil where parishes have an average of 50.000 people and only one priest who has to take care of all of them and the many communities. I hope the web site will be helpful to those involved in pastoral activity, particularly those operating in Portuguese speaking countries where good libraries are not available”.
Besides a complete data bank of Church documents the web site offers ideas for reflection, reading, theological articles on various subjects, exchange of experience, for priests interested in on-going formation and pastoral and spiritual updating.
“Besides having at their disposal rich source of information on the teaching and life of the Church, priests can also make suggestions, share experience and material” Father Keller explained. Although www.presbí, was produced with priests in mind, it can also be of sue for religious and laity involved in the missionary activity of their church community who feel the need for spiritual and doctrinal update formation. (H.M..) (5/9/2003 Agenzia Fides; lines 26: words:298)