AMERICA/CHILE - The Bishops on the decriminalization of abortion: With more force than before, we promote the value of life

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 human life   local churches   human rights   women  


Santiago (Agenzia Fides) - Following the approval of the draft law by the Chilean Senate that decriminalizes the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in three particular cases, "there will be laws on euthanasia and so on". These laws which are contrary to human life, to the natural order desired by God and the same Catholic faith" were approved with the vote of the left parties, including Christian democracy, emphasizes His Exc. Mgr. Francisco Javier Stegmeier Schmidlin, Bishop of Villarrica, who wonders what "those who are for life and family and against the culture of death" have to do now.
In the statement issued by the Chilean Bishops' Conference, sent to Agenzia Fides, the Bishop lists seven actions. First of all, pray to the Lord for the conversion of those who are in favor of abortion and for this law to be repealed. Supporting women who are at risk of pregnancy and participate in institutions dedicated to this end. "Studying the basics (genetic, biological, anthropological, statistical ...) of the reasons why each child has the right to be born and the effects of abortion on the mother, family and society. Be always and everywhere militant for life and for the family". Participate in the activities of the movements for life. Use proper language, for example, not "embryo, fetus" but "child, person". Vote only candidates who are for life.
Also the Permanent Committee of the Chilean Bishops' Conference, in a statement dated July 21, states that "the draft bill seems to be a return to the past that establishes and legitimizes an unfair discrimination against defenceless human beings in Chilean society, and the State is called to guarantee and protect this life". For the Bishops this is not the right answer to the drama of women: now in Chile there will be children considered 'waste' as Pope Francis called all humans that society marginalizes and considers 'uncomfortable' or because they are not considered worthy of living".
The Bishops are saddened by the vote in favor of parliamentarians who say they are Christians, and recall what they said in their message on 25 March 2015 entitled "Human Right to Life, a life worthy of every person".
"When we need to regain confidence, political authorities are the first called to witness the coherence between the ethical convictions they proclaim and the public office they cover", is what is written in the message, which concludes with these words: "As a Church we are respectful of the powers of the State in the context of democracy. With transparency we offered our opinion to all the competent bodies, through people and institutions that will continue to work in favor of life. In the face of every human drama, Catholics will continue to proclaim the infinite love of God, who in the resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ offers us the source for the promotion of every human life and his dignity". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 25/7/2017)