AMERICA/MEXICO - “The Catholic Church wishes to promote dialogue and participation of citizens helping to consolidate democracy and improve the quality of political debate ” say Bishops in view of presidential elections in 2006

Friday, 4 November 2005

Mexico City (Fides Service) - To help people take a responsible and constructive part in presidential elections in 2006, the Catholic Bishops of Mexico have issued a statement with the title “The electoral campaign, an opportunity to consolidate democracy”, in which they say the elections will be “a major event to consolidate democracy and lay the foundations for a country of more justice and humanity”. In this perspective electoral campaigns “are a time for common reflection on the national agenda”, a time to ask what kind of country we want and what means must be used to build it. Political debate must respect the established rules “discussions must always have as a reference the promotion of the dignity of every person and authentic values of Mexican society and culture”.
The Bishops say citizens must be properly informed about the programmes of candidates and parties: “We want to know how they intend to raise the level of public security, improve education, create well paid jobs, reduce the concerning economic gap between social classes”. The Bishops urge parties and candidates to “speak with honesty on questions connected with respect for life and support for the family”. To consolidate democracy they say “candidates must be willing to make structural reforms necessary to enable Mexico’s political system and economy solve urgent problems effectively and quickly, eliminating corruption in political, financial and social life”.
While assuring their prayers for an electoral process with respect, concord and harmony, the Bishops say the local Church intends to organise conferences to remind Christians of their duty to help to build a more just society. “The Catholic Church intends to be an instance which promotes dialogue and participation of citizens orienting, guiding and praying that the elections will strengthen trust in the country and the national authorities, consolidate democracy, improve the quality of political debate and help Mexicans advance in efforts to build the country we desire”. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 4/11/2005, righe 28, parole 386)