ASIA/HONG KONG - Carry Christ to the young people of Asia: on the eve of the centenary of the Salesian’s arrival in China Sisters Announcers of the Lord join the great Salesian family

Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Hong Kong (Fides Service) - Educate children and young people to the values of the Gospel, give them instruction and faith in Christ: this is the charisma of the Sisters Announcers of the Lord who work in and around Hong Kong. Recently according to the Salesian bulletin ANS the congregation completed the institutional path to enter the family of Don Bosco. The congregration’s spirituality is inspired by the founder Salesian Bishop Saint Luigi Versiglia who wanted to combine the spirit of Don Bosco with the charisma of Saint Therese of Lisieux patron of the missions.
Connected with the diocese of Hong Kong since 1958, in keeping with the Salesian spirit the Sisters have been involved mainly in education. Their spiritual assistant has always been a Salesian and their founder was a Salesian who was canonised a saint.
Most of the Sisters Announcers of the Lord reside in Hong Kong, but there is another community at Calgary in Canada. Article 4 of the rule says: “Under every circumstance the members shall serve the Lord with holy joy, announcing the Gospel of the Kingdom with words and deeds so that as the Founder wished: ‘they may distinguish themselves for their zeal to save souls and give greater glory to God.” For the Don Bosco Family the Sisters Announcers of the Lord are a “special gift” for the cenenary of the Salesians’ arrival in China: led by Saint Luigi Versiglia the missionaries reached Macao in 1906. The anniversary will be marked by solemn celebrations next year for which the Sisters Announcers of the Lord are already preparing. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 31/8/2005 righe: 22 parole: 270)