OCEANIA/SOLOMON ISLANDS - Communicators in a changing world: Solomon’s young Catholics are introduced to Information Technology and the Internet

Monday, 29 August 2005

Honiara (Fides Service) - To introduce young Catholic communicators to the potential and use of the media and modern information technolology, the Catholic Communications Commission Solomon Islands recently organised a series of meetings in different parts of the Islands.
The seminars tackled questions of ethics and theology as well as practical use of the Internet, radio and television to update young Catholic delegates from the different dioceses on the evolution and possiblities offered by the new media which can serve as channels for the Chuch’s mission of spreading the Gospel.
During one of these meetings in Noro, Gizo, after listening to talks by experts on the vast potential of the media to educate, inform and entertain, the group of 20 young participants agreed that Catholic communicators have a great responsibility to carry a message of peace and reconciliation to a society of conflict in which disagreement and strife can feed dangerous tension and division. They also highlighted the need to pay attention to matters of justice and freedom and to protect the inalienable fights of the human person.
It emerged that since modern information technology permits immediate communication with a vast audience, these means are useful channels for inter-cultural understanding and inter-action, dialogue. During an applied workshop the young participants were shown how to record their own radio programmes using a PC, the Internet and e-mail.(PA) (Agenzia Fides 29/8/2005 righe 26 parole 266)