Tuesday, 8 July 2003

Kinshasa (Fides Service) – The Bishops’ Conference of Democratic Congo (CENCO) has decided to open a national Catholic radio-television network (RTC) to cover the entire territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The aim is to have a broadcasting company which is close to the people, Catholics and all people of goodwill. The Bishops’ decision is the answer to a widespread awareness among Christians of the utility of audio-visual means of communication to spread the Gospel and promote the pastoral work of the Church.
Since 1997, in fact, the Church in Democratic Congo has been increasingly active in the sector of the media and radio and television stations have been set up in a number of dioceses. The media is also one of the main means of protecting Catholics from the danger of pseudo religious sects which are rapidly spreading all over the country.
This major project will take five years since it financing with an interval of three years between the beginning of stage one and stage two. With regard to the programmes, the Bishops’ Conference intends to cover various subjects ranging from Evangelisation, Bible, Church teaching Morals, Liturgy, Culture, Education, Social Development, Health-care, Family.
The RTC project will have three stages:
1. – Building of main station in the capital Kinshasa.
2. – Setting up of five provincial stations.
3. – Construction of 41 diocesan relay points.

Main diocesan Catholic radio stations in Democratic Republic of Congo

1. Maria Mamma wa Elikya ( Radio Maria Mother of Hope) Kinshasa archdiocese 1995.
2. Zenith Radio Lubumbashi archdiocese.
3. Maria Radio Bukavu archdiocese.
4. Malandji Radio Kananga archdiocese..
5. Tomisa Radio Kikwit diocese, 1996.
6. Nepoko Radio (Voice of Development) at Wamba in the ecclesiastic Province of Kisangani, Isiro diocese, established 1995.
7. Fraternity Radio Mbuji-Mayi diocese 1997.
8. Moto Radio (Fire) Butembo-Beni diocese 1995.
9. Boboto Radio (Peace Radio) Isiro diocese
10. Radio Veritas Kabinda diocese.
11. Lendisa Radio in Gemena, Molegbe diocese, 1981.
12. Tutante Radio at Muene-Ditu in Kananga ecclesiastic Province.

There are also 4 diocesan television networks:
1. Idiofa Radio-Television ” Idiofa diocese.
2. Amani Radio-Television (Pace Radio-Television) Kisangani archdiocese 1995.
3. Zenith Radio-Television Lubumbashi archdiocese opened by the Salesians in 1994.
4. Fraternity Radio-Television opened 22 giugno 2003 in Mbuji-Mayi diocese in East Kasai Province.
(P.C.OK) (Fides Service, 8/07/2003. lines : 52 ; words : 508).