AMERICA/PERU - Hundreds of evangelisers ready to announce the Gospel door to door: Ica diocese launches Great Catholic Mission

Wednesday, 2 March 2005

Ica (Fides Service) - To strengthen faith among local Catholics in the area, Ica diocese in Peru is starting a Great Catholic Mission which will continue from March to December 2005. To undertake this evangelising mission hundreds of missionaries, (catechists and delegates from ever parish) were given special training also taking into consideration the challenges they will encounter during their mission among the local people. During the preparation each group was assigned a special zone of action. The new evangelisation Catholic missionaries will work door to door, reaching also distant and most remote areas where because of a scarcity of priests, people do not have regular spiritual care.
America/Peru: Ica diocese (Pontifical Yera Book 2005)
area: 21,251 kmq; population: 730,000; Catholics: 720,000; parishes: 35; diocesan priests: 17; religious priests: 34; women religious: 93; major seminarians: 11; brothers: 47; schools: 31; charity institutes: 15; baptisms: 10,800. (R.Z.) (Agenzia Fides 2/3/2005; righe 13; parole 173)